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Intelligent Business

Capital Gold Payroll

Extend your payroll capabilities with Capital Gold Payroll. Purchase today to take advantage of advanced features such as; Full security control, audit trail, multiple bank accounts for employees, absence diary with reminders and automatic actions, part payments for starters and leavers, keep up to 9 years of employee information, and receive updates for tax codes and student loans from HRMC and update employee records automatically using the Government Gateway.

Download the Capital Gold Payroll Plus Pack flyer (156kb)

Features Lite Standard 300
Database Access Access Access
Number of concurrent users 1 1 1
Security 1 password Full includes field level security* Full includes field level security*
Backup and restore Yes Yes Yes
User-definable fields 25 25 25
On-line help Yes Yes Yes
Audit trail for payroll changes No Yes* Yes*
Data import routines Yes Yes Yes
Data export facility Yes Yes Yes
Capital Gold Accounts Link Yes Yes Yes
BACS Yes Yes Yes
Links to MS Office (Excel) Yes Yes Yes
Number of companies 5 25 25
Bulk tax code changes Yes Yes Yes
Copy Company facility Yes Yes Yes
Multiple bank accounts No Yes - Up to 5* Yes - Up to 5*
Number of current employees 25 99 300
Pay periods Weekly, Fortnightly, 4 Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Weekly, Fortnightly, 4 Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Weekly, Fortnightly, 4 Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly
Holiday Pay facility Yes Yes Yes
PAYE and NI calculation Yes Yes Yes
Override PAYE and NI Yes Yes Yes
Employee templates No Yes* Yes*
Multiple bank accounts No Yes - Up to 5* Yes - Up to 5*
Make employees Leavers in future periods No Yes* Yes*
Number of payments and deductions Up to 40 Up to 999* Up to 999*
Payment/Deduction formulas No Yes* Yes*
Rates of pay Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSP, SMP, SAP, SPP Calculation Yes Yes Yes
Multiple AEOs including Priority Orders Yes Yes Yes
Council Tax AEOs Yes Yes Yes
Director's NI Yes Yes Yes
Back dated NI calculations Yes Yes Yes
Pension calculations including Stakeholder Pensions Yes Yes Yes
Student Loans Yes Yes Yes
Part Payments for starters and leavers No Monthly only* Monthly only*
Library of pre-designed reports Yes Yes Yes
Department and cost centre reporting Yes Yes Yes
Year-end returns via Government Gateway/Magnetic Media Yes Yes Yes
Prior year P11 & other multi-period reports Current year only Yes* Yes*
P45, P46, P35(cs), P14, P60 reports Yes Yes Yes
P45 Batch Printing No Yes* Yes*
Prior Year Payroll History Current year only Up to 9 years* Up to 9 years*
Reprint payslip and summaries Current year only Yes* Yes*
Drill down on many items to see how they are made e.g. gross to net, tax code etc Yes Yes Yes
Absence diary for holiday pay and sickness Yes Yes Yes
Record information on user definable events e.g. training days or jury service No Yes* Yes*
Set 'Reminders' e.g. to pay an annual bonus or print a pension report No Yes* Yes*
Set 'Actions' to happen at a future date, e.g. increase someone's salary or change their tax code No Yes* Yes*
In Year Forms P45 (1), P45 (3) and P46 Yes Yes Yes
Receive Updates from HMRC No Yes Tax Code and Student Loan* Yes Tax Code and Student Loan*

* available with Capital Gold Payroll Plus Pack